Computer repairs

Software Checks

Part of the process we adopt in solving computer hardware issues involves having out own custom written software which analyses the current state of a machine to determine what the issues are. When an issue is identified the software can then download the appropriate programs to fix the identified issues. This includes a large array of Anti-Virus, Baseline Security Tools, Cleaning programs, Backup Tools, Applications, Script, and much more.

These checks are updated constantly as new issues are en-counted, and are documented in the Visitek diagnostics software. This software records the computer’s identifying keys, and current state. In addition it creates alerts in relation to the performance and possible issues on each machine.

The software has been designed to audit the computer system, and has access to hundreds of pieces of software in the event of any audit notifications.

The basic checks involve the following:

  1. Check up-to-date Anti-Virus software
  2. Ensure all Microsoft security updates have been downloaded and installed.
  3. Updates of browser security options as they happen from time to time.
  4. Check the validity of all executables currently running in memory and loaded via registry.
  5. Scan then registry for unauthorised software execution.
  6. Scan of all executables and verifying check sum against stored values. This will show what executable software has been added, and verify any changed or added software against check sums.
  7. Reviewing logs for faults
  8. Check the Device Manager for device errors
  9. Clean / remove unnecessary temporary files if appropriate
  10. Defrag windows disk if necessary
  11. Check for added rogue or social software

Physical Checks .. involve the following:

  • Checking for dust build up and blocked airflow
  • Cleaning if necessary
  • Voltage checks if necessary