Hackers are becoming more sophisticated at attacking and accessing private data, committing identity fraud and downloading sensitive data. As a result, Visitek has investigated and installed firewalls at the start of a business network in order to help prevent unauthorised access to your network.
There is a need to filter, monitor, control and report on; Malware, social-media, instant messaging etc. – all without impacting on the local network.  In fact the hardware firewall we propose can store commonly downloaded files so that it reduces your network traffic outside the network.


  1. Create rules to prevent access from specified IP addresses or networks.
  2. Can prioritise the different types of traffic on your network
  3. Timed access This is where you configure when clients on your protected network may have access to the external network or Internet.
  4. You can prioritise the different types of traffic on your network.
  5. Extensive logs are available .. for example:
    • Attempted access to your network stopped by the firewall
    • Contains logged information on the emails passing though
    • Information on potentially malicious attempted access to your network
    • Firewall logs indicating source and destination IP numbers
    • Intrusion detection logs
    • Instant Message logs
    • Email logs
  6. Web Proxy .. Stores commonly accessed information locally .. therefore speeding up your internet connection.
  7. Instant messaging monitoring
  8. Emails containing viruses can be replaced with an explanation email containing details of the email including the name of the detected virus. (on port 110)
  9. The Intrusion Detection Service (IDS) detects potential security breach attempts from outside your network.
  10. Monthly maintenance includes updates and monitoring of these services
  11. Graphs
    • Traffic across the network interfaces
    • Real-time network bandwidth usage