Health Care Accounting

We help you run your reporting and accounting systems and with ease and efficiency.

To do so, we design accounting softwear specifically for use in businesses that care for others either due to disability or age.  We call this our Health Care Softwear or HCS.

The design features of HCS include Home Care ACAT businesses and have the following functions:

  • Accounts
    Accounting for Home Care Businesses

    Care Package Configuration

    • Bank Reconciliation
    • Bank Import Integration
    • Journals
    • Modifiable Financial Reports
    • BAS, GST, Assets, Depreciation, Investments etc.
  • Payroll
    • Employee Payments & Details
    • PAYG Calculations
    • Pay Slips
    • Award Pay Rate Tables
    • Staff Required Certifications (eg First Aid Certification)
    • Superannuation
    • Staff Rosters intergrated with Time Sheets and Payroll
    • Staff Time Sheets for Government payments and Payroll calculations
    • Staff Job Management system
  • Customers
    • Customer Details
    • Customer Group – [Current,Deferred,Hospital etc.]
    • Customer Document Management System (Link Documents to the Customer account).  Integrated with Microsoft Office, Open office and much more.
    • Includes Document Templates
    • Invoice Payment Reconciliation (Bank Import Feature)
    • Client Staff Allocation
  • Edit Transactions
    • Secure access to processed transactions
  • Links
    •  links to other internal systems and programs
  • Reports
    • Selected reports for Care Packages etc.
  • Email Reports
    • Links Report Files with Email and Automatic PDF creator – which means the user can define a report, create it and send it to a list of email accounts with one button
  • Saved List
    • created by the end user by dragging a function up to the Saved List.
  • All Systems include:
    • User Defined Report Creator
    • PDF integration
    • Email Integration
    • User Access Levels (which means the system can be modified for the specific use for each of your staff [at run time])