Our Mission

To create, in partnership with clients, long-term health solutions so they can regain and maintain an active, pain-free lifestyle?


CITYPHYSIO is a well established, friendly, caring, best practice clinic. We offer personalised treatment for a range of issues, particularly those experienced by the city worker.

CITYPHYSIO is located in two prime Brisbane locations; in the heart of the Brisbane CBD, and in Chapel Hill. This provides for added flexibility and convenience for our valued clients. To learn more, click here.

We Offer You

  • Personalised, comprehensive assessments?
  • A clear understanding of your physical health issue
  • Thorough, professional care
  • Restoration of your physical health and wellbeing

Linda Lewis Mpthy (Musculoskeletal)

Linda has a special interest in musculoskeletal conditions, including sporting injuries. She has worked as a physio in the Brisbane CBD for many years and as such has an excellent understanding of the needs of the city worker.

Linda is dedicated to providing contemporary and professional physiotherapy treatment for all her clients. She has completed two post-graduate qualifications including a Master of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. Linda believes in assessing and treating people according to their individual work, lifestyles, and stage of life. She undertakes thorough and complete assessments, to ensure a correct diagnosis of presenting problems.

She is happy to work with other medical, health, and exercise practitioners to ensure the best outcomes for her clients. Educating clients about their physical problems is also  important to Linda, as she believes that not only does this allay unnecessary anxiety, but also helps people to develop effective self-management strategies.

Linda is also keen on personal fitness and her main exercise is rowing. She also cycles and does regular yoga classes.

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